You started your business for a reason. In fact, there were probably multiple reasons you started down the entrepreneurial road, but more than likely most of those individual reasons sit nicely under the big umbrella idea of wanting to make a difference for others while also carving your own path in the world.

However up until now, something has been stopping you from sharing your message or at least holding you back from delivering your message effectively and to the best of your ability. Perhaps you’re sharing it just once in a while or maybe you’re only putting out content sporadically without a clear strategy. I want to remind you that your message doesn’t belong in a bottle.

I use social media a lot. My platforms of choice are: Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.  Two other platforms used to connect and reach my audience are my blog (featured on website) and my podcast. When visiting other people’s social media profiles, I’m astounded every time I read another entrepreneur’s tagline or bio, purporting some amazing title or sexy status as a renowned expert yet their content reveals little original thought and there is nothing that truly differentiates them from others in their industry. Years ago it was a costly and time consuming process trying to connect with your audience and promote your services but these days we can do it with ease through the advances in modern technology. In most cases, this can be done very cost efficiently or even free when incorporating basic tools featured on social media apps.

Answer these 3 Questions

  1. What is your message as an entrepreneur?
  2. What defines you as an expert in your field? (or)
    What makes your business unique when compared to others in your industry?
  3. Why should that prospective client/customer choose your services/products over those offered by other similar businesses?

Note: Did you take the time to truly answer those questions or did you just skim over them? Answering these three questions honestly and completely may require some real soul searching but, in doing so, you’ll benefit greatly. (Scout’s honor)

The Online Space is Getting Crowded

There is no better time than right now to become an entrepreneur. You heard this calling. I heard this calling. Millions of people around the world have also heard this same calling. This is a great thing because it provides wonderful opportunities for people at all levels. It also means there is a lot of competition out there. Again, this is a good thing but it’s also a firm reminder that we must play at a higher level if we want to be successful. If you’re a small town family physician, personal trainer, or mechanic there’s a reasonable chance that you might be the only one in your town. You don’t need to advertise because everyone in town already knows that you’re the town doctor, or the town gym, or the town car shop. Life is simple.

However, this probably isn’t true in your case. Even small towns aren’t that small and isolated anymore. This point is completely null and void if you’re selling services and goods online because everyone has access to the internet. This means the small town guy has the same opportunity to grow as the big city guy. It’s like a modern day David and Goliath because, given the right strategy and systems, this little guy can completely blow that big city guy out of the water – positioning himself as a real giant in the industry simply by outperforming the competition.

This is why it’s absolutely vital to the longevity and prosperity of your business that you not only craft the right targeted message but also commit yourself to sharing this message with your audience regularly.

Time to Pull the Trigger

It’s time to look deep and determine what’s been stopping you from sharing your message up until this point.

  • Have you been lacking a clearly targeted message?
  • Are you uncertain about how to effectively design a working strategy?
  • Are you confused by technology and need someone to break down the basics?
  • Is it a matter of not having enough confidence to broadcast your message to the masses?
  • Are you afraid people are going to laugh at you or fearful of criticism?

Your audience wants to hear from you but for some reason you’ve been holding back and not giving yourself fully. They want your tips, tricks, and hacks to overcome those nagging problems. They’re looking to hear your expertise and insights to gain greater clarity on those elusive issues that have been holding them back for so long. They want to know how your new product or program will make life so much easier. They want to know a lot; but they won’t get any of this until you decide to share it with them. This is your chance to connect with your audience in a greater way and give them everything they want right now. On the other hand, you could just continue to sit silently, allowing your audience to find someone else who is willing to give them what they need.

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Download this Free Guide

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  • Chuck Bartok says:

    Growing a loyal customer base over the past 60 years was predicated on Communication. Asking Questions and Listening Actively. Blogging focused on asking and also two Call-In talks shows were very effective when I came online in 2004. The businesses grew at a much nicer pace with these amazing tools