If you’ve been looking for a sign to start video content creation to help your business grow – this is it! I encourage you to use the current situation to explore new avenues for business growth opportunities.

The global impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has been undeniable, affecting every aspect of our lives. Many businesses have faced unmatched challenges, with some forced to close their doors permanently. However, amidst these difficult times, we have seen remarkable resilience and adaptation within the business world. We’ve seen service-based companies and various industries transform their operations, products, and services to weather the storm.

A shining example of adaptation can be found in popular talk shows such as The View, The Late Show with Stephen Colbert (now billed as A Late Show with Stephen Colbert), The Daily Show with Trevor Noah (now billed as The Daily Social Distancing Show), and Late Night with Seth Meyers. Despite facing limitations and technical difficulties, these hosts and their production teams have shown us that all you need is a good internet connection and a little ingenuity in the digital age.

While talk show hosts may seem like television superstars, their ability to produce daily content using nothing more than laptops, smart devices, downloadable software, and free social media apps should serve as inspiration for small business owners. Starting with a simple three-minute video delivered on a weekly basis, you can inform your customers and build awareness, seamlessly incorporating it into your online marketing strategy.

Use This Time to Start Your Video Content Creation

If you have been hesitant to create video content or have been waiting for the right opportunity, the current slowdown caused by the pandemic offers the exact opening you need. With more time on our hands, now is the perfect moment to follow the lead of well-known talk show hosts who have embraced technology and overcome their own learning curves to stay connected with their viewers. They have even shared their on-air glitches and makeshift home studios, demonstrating that if they can reach millions of viewers nationwide through digital means, you can certainly use video content creation to connect with your online sphere.

To get started, let’s focus on three key areas:

Choose Content Your Audience Craves

Think about the frequently asked questions you receive or common problems your ideal customers face. Imagine someone approaching you with one of these common questions, and respond to it as you would in a conversation. These videos provide the opportunity to formulate well-thought-out responses that address the concerns of your audience. The benefit is that the video is rehearsed and recorded for public consumption. This saves you the time of having to answer the question over and over again. Simply direct the person to your explainer videos to find the answers they are seeking.

Start by writing down ten frequently asked questions or common problems faced by your customers. This will serve as a foundation for structuring and delivering your video content.

Choose Your Format from These Basic Video Styles

Q&A: Begin the video by stating the frequently asked question and then provide your expert answer, supporting it with relevant information. Keep in mind that your viewers may not have your extensive background and knowledge, so simplicity is key.

Did You Know: This format allows for a casual and conversational approach to conveying your message. Engage your audience and build awareness using this style, the same as you would during a friendly discussion.

How-To: As the name suggests, this format demonstrates how to do something. While it may seem counterintuitive to teach viewers tasks you would typically be paid to do, it actually showcases your expertise. By empowering your audience to handle smaller tasks, you establish trust, rapport, and credibility. This, in turn, increases the likelihood that they will turn to you for assistance with larger and more complex issues.

Press the Red button and Start Recording

As the expert, you possess the knowledge and material necessary for creating engaging videos. Take a deep breath, stay calm, and begin recording. If you need a notecard to stay on track, keep one nearby. Don’t worry about imperfections; focus on delivering a professional and informative video. Practice will lead to progress, so keep refining your skills. Over time, you’ll find your flow and delivery style. Remember, the objective is to create premium original content that educates your audience and facilitates personal engagement.

By producing original video content, you can build value and maintain a strong connection with your audience. This platform allows you to showcase your skills and expertise directly, without the need for extensive self-promotion. Actions speak louder than words, and with each video you publish, you will demonstrate your proficiency to viewers.

While the pandemic may persist, it is essential to remain flexible and adaptable. Use this time to position yourself as a market leader with video content creation that attracts your ideal customers. Engage with your viewers, build an online community, and transform misfortune into an opportunity that strengthens your business and fosters customer loyalty.

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