Building an online presence can be a long and difficult task, especially during the beginning stages. The experts make it sound so simple, however, without the proper guidance it can seem daunting. You’re quickly realizing that there is a big learning curve, time is a factor, and budgeting might be tight which means you’re probably doing the work yourself. In these cases, it’s best to focus on the essentials by developing a solid organic social media strategy to build awareness around your business.

What is an Organic Social Media Strategy?

If you’re new to social media terminology, then you might be thrown off by the term organic. In this context, it simply refers to the basic marketing activities done without putting ad dollars behind the effort. Posting on social media or reaching out to communicate with other people online would be examples of organic social media activity. However, if you create an ad online or sponsor a post (pay to increase its reach) then it’s no longer considered organic activity. It would fall under the category of paid media marketing.

In this article, I’ll share a few simple tips that will help you develop an organic social media strategy so that you can establish your online presence and position yourself as a professional worth knowing.

Your Social Media Activity Should Mirror Real Life

Treat your online activity with the same respect as real-life interactions. This goes for the way you present yourself, communicate with others, and how you network and build relationships in a professional setting. Your social media profile should be a digital extension of the person you are in the real world.

Social media is full of self-proclaimed experts who claim they have the secret formula for instant success. This type of marketing may be tempting to new entrepreneurs who want to take shortcuts to achieve fame and success. However, there is no shortcut to success, and it takes effort to build a reputation. Instead of looking for a magic pill, you should focus on using tried-and-true formulas for getting people interested in what you have to offer.

Dale Carnegie’s How to Win Friends and Influence People is a classic book that is still as relevant today as it was when it was first published in 1936. One of the first things that struck me while reading Carnegie’s words many years ago was that the themes were not complex at all, and many of the guiding principles outlined in the seminal work were ideas we learned as children.

In the spirit of Carnegie’s simplistic approach to building influence, here are five coaching tips for developing an organic social media strategy so you can position yourself – and your business – in the right light.

  1. Project the right image: Always use professional visuals for your marketing materials. This includes having a professional headshot for your profile photo, as well as high-quality artwork and pictures for your cover image and social media posts.
  2. Level up your connection game: Remember that the first word in social media is social, so you should treat it as such. When you connect with someone new, take a moment to reach out and introduce yourself just like you would in real life. It doesn’t have to be a long conversation or sales pitch. In fact, it shouldn’t be either of these. A simple greeting and brief introduction will go a long way in helping you make a great first impression.
  3. Build a relationship based on value: As noted above, don’t try to sell your services or products upon initial connection. That’s a surefire way to turn someone off. Instead, build the relationship in an organic and natural way.
  4. Respect boundaries and privacy: People want to feel respected and safe. This goes for physical safety as well as mental and emotional well-being. Follow the golden rule and treat people the way you want to be treated, whether in real life or across digital channels. Don’t misuse or abuse social media connections and never add someone to your email list without their permission.
  5. Deliver a clear message: Avoid the temptation to be a jack of all trades. Pick your niche and stay in your lane. Don’t be a health coach one day and a cryptocurrency expert the next. If you have multiple businesses, then create separate profiles and channels for each different brand identity. Keep your message clear and deliver it to the audience that is interested in that specific offering.

Need Help Developing an Organic Social Media Strategy For Your Business? I Can Help!

Incorporating these basic tips can help you stand out as a professional worth knowing on social media.

If you want professional coaching to develop an organic social media strategy that will set your business up for success, then reach out to me. Let’s schedule a call so I can learn more about your work and we can explore ways that I can add value to your business.


This article was originally written for Entrepreneur and later edited for my personal blog.


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